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We are the best at what we do. Our customers rave about our hair cuts, hair styling, facials, nail services and our experienced specialists can boost your inner beauty. Fashions and styles come and go. We intend to be here through them all, giving you the warm, personal attention you deserve.


Regardless of whether you are looking for an unwinding facial or need to upgrade your features with semi-changeless make up, our master specialists can tweak precisely the correct treatment for you. Dermalogica or The Organic Pharmacy items convey unwinding and lighting up facials which can turn out to be a piece of your day by day healthy skin routine while progressive semi-perpetual make up offers unpretentious or sensational upgrades for clients. To discover more investigate our administrations menu.

It includes facial services like;

  • Facials
  • Hydropeptide Treatments
  • Dermalogica Treatments
  • Make Up
  • Semi-Permanent Make Up
  • Specialist Facial Treatments


The better Waxing processes enables us to deliver easy top to toe hair removal. A quality mix of characteristic fixings and fragrance based treatment oils, the waxing range is incredibly delicate for sensitive territories and can evacuate the shortest and most persistent hairs with no skin drag and without leaving a sticky deposit. Every treatment is independently custom-made utilizing a scope of items and aromas to ensure perfect velvety outcomes.

Waxing services includes:

  • Full body wax
  • Half Arm
  • 3/4 Arm
  • Full Arm
  • Under Arm
  • Full Stomach
  • Half Stomach
  • Full Back
  • Half Back
  • Half Leg
  • 3/4 Leg
  • Full Leg


A new and fresh hair style can make body, lessen undesirable volume and change your hair’s look and surface. Straightforward and exemplary trims or styles straight from the catwalk are easily conveyed by our Emballish hair team prodding rowdy tresses into elegancy locks.

Additionally you can add blow-dry to finish a new cut and convey dazzling outcomes.Ideal for formal events and special occasions, our up-styles start with a definite conference to accomplish a look that is close to home and individual and conveys a touch of charm to any event.Accomplish picture culminate hair in a desert garden of quiet at Emballish Salon on your big day. Our wedding hair team can make uplifting marriage hairdos to accomplish that celebrity look and wow visitors with apparently easy style. Regardless of whether it’s a bespoke bundle including consultative arrangements and other marriage party individuals or an erratic arrangement we have each alternative secured.

It include services of:

  • Cut only
  • Blow-dry
  • Up Style
  • Bridal Hairstyles


A tint re-development is the ideal answer for address regular re-development regions of the hair at the root. Tint is connected just to the re-development region to coordinate existing shading on the closures of the hair. Its items are without ammonia.
Our colorists work in the production of immaculate shade thinking about skin tone and eye shading to convey the best exhortation on hues suited to your own particular hair and way of life. Utilizing a scope of changeless hues by L’Oréal to ensure your hair while adding shade to make rich, glowing brilliant shading styles.

Make lovely light strands of hair to accomplish a characteristic sun kissed look or add fascinating profundity to a darker shade. Our colorists utilize fluctuating qualities or distinctive shades to include measurement and scattered shading. Strands of hair are chosen by the colorist and treated with the hair lightener or shading utilizing distinctive systems. Half head incorporates the front and front sides of the hair. Apart from this, full head makes an all-finished impact of featured hair.
Ombre hair hues are a chance to make striking, delicate, bright or characteristic shading decisions. Hair shading is included towards the closures of the hair blurring from dim to light or the other way around.

It include services of:

  • Tint Re-growth
  • Full Tint
  • Half Head Highlights
  • Full Head Highlights
  • Ombre


Nothing can light up and lift your face more than characterized eyelashes and eyebrows. Accomplish grandly normally or significantly transformative lashes and temples with a scope of treatments intended to include length, volume and shading to lashes and make lift and freshness to foreheads.

It includes eyelash and eyebrow services like;

  • Coloring
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Russian Layering Lashes
  • Eyebrow Treatments


The craft of applying henna isn’t given to all, yet our specialists at Emballish Salon have both ability and involvement in this field. Regardless of whether you’d jump at the chance to have your hands and feet enlivened with multifaceted or basic henna plans, you can believe us to make you champion.
Emballish Salon gloats a tremendous scope of henna tattoo plans running from the most customary to contemporary ones. We can likewise redo our administrations to meet a specific necessities that you may have. Rest guaranteed that our items are of premium quality, safe and without chemicals.

We have a variety of Henna like; Regular Brown henna, Jagua henna, White henna and Glitter henna.

Our henna design services is available for many occasions, including:

  • Eids
  • Bridal
  • Weddings
  • Other special occasions


Enjoy a scope of unwinding treatments intended to advance the prosperity of the hand nails while changing ignored hands into adapted and pampered fingers. Regardless of whether you are looking for a liberal nail treatment, an express use of shading or a prescriptive wellbeing centered treatment we have the ideal treatment for you.

It includes manicure services like;

  • Manicure
  • Margaret Dabbs Treatments
  • Emballish Spa For Hands
  • Chip Free Manicure For Hands & Nails
  • Add On
  • Nail Enhancements


A restorative delight treatment for the toenails and feet including cutting, forming, expulsion of the fingernail skin, softening of the skin specifically on the rear areas and wads of the feet and discretionary use of nail clean. An immaculate in the middle of pedicure treatment to revive toenails. Nails are molded and painted in a shade of your decision.

It include pedicure treatments like:

  • Pedicure
  • Margaret Dabbs Treatments
  • Emballish Spa For Feet
  • Chip Free Pedicure For Toe & Nails
  • Add On
  • Nail Enhancements